Drones + Storytelling

Aerial Cinematography

In film making the most important part is how you tell the story. The use of drones have changed the way movies are made. Impossible shots have become possible. The only limits is your imagination. It’s all about the story when it comes to our approach to aerial cinematography. It’s not always about just the shot, about the emotion conveyed through the visuals we create.

Smooth and Stable Camera Movement

Traditionally large vehicles, cranes, cable cam systems and helicopters were needed to create smooth and steady cinematic shots. Our pilots and camera operators work with directors and directors of photography to achieve those same shots with more flexibility than traditions camera movement platforms. With years of time on set our team is focused on creating stunning visuals that previously not possible without sacrificing image quality.

We fly any camera with any lens

Not all drone companies are the same. Most only fly off the shelf drones that can’t handle heavy payloads. Our team has years of industry experience build custom uav applications for Cinema and commercial applications. No more sacrificing image quality or adding another camera to your post production workflow. We have designed and built UAVs to carry heavy payloads including dual cameras for 3D applications, large lens packages with full FIZ control and anything else you can imagine.

Pre-Production, Scouting and VFX

Drones are not just used for getting the shot, we also use them to help you plan them.

VFX Location Mapping and Scanning

Up to date maps of locations that can save your production time and money. No more relying on out of date maps from online services. Know where every tree, pathway, and other obstacles that could hinder production before you arrive. No more muddy fields where outdated satellite imagery showed a paved parking lot. Plan areas for vehicle staging and other set needs with confidence.

After scanning locations, video walkthroughs and virtual 3D environments can be created to pre plan shots and camera movement to maximize on set time. See what shots work and don’t work before cameras and talent arrive.

3D Property Scanning and Modeling : Immersive Virtual 3D models

We use drones to create virtual 3d environments using fully autonomous software.
Using software to control our flight path and capture images we can quickly convert data into realistic immersive 3D models. With this data you can create customized fly-through videos and photo realistic 3D models and images from any angle. Navigate through your models to observe a property while navigating through the environment from aerial perspective.

Custom Applications and VR

We love out the box ideas. Want to fly 360 VR rigs? Do you have a custom camera setup that you would like to use to create aerial footage? Custom Aerial lighting rigs for production use? Contact our Custom Applications Here.

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